Revolutionary Robotic Solution for Lawn Mowing

Making the Future Today

What we are great at

Fully Automatic

AI-based mowing robot ,No needs for boundary cable, Safe and efficient path planning

Advanced Technologies

Semantic object detection and segmentation based on panorama camera vision, vSLAM, Complete coverage path planning, Local obstacle avoidance path planning

Wide Applications:

Private lawns & gardens, Luxurious community lawns, Public municipal lawns, Golf courses


360 degrees panorama visual semantic recognition to completely ensure safety of humans on lawn, milimiter radar

About us

LFI is a robotic startup aiming to disrupt the $200B lawn mowing market. Our team features technologies from US’ top 3 robotics lab at UPenn, advanced self-driving technologies, a product manager with 15+ years’ experience, and experienced software & operations specialists. Our robot can fully self-drive and self-operate the mowing process, making it much more convenient for households to have lawns be frequently taken care of. Our mission is to make mowing a peaceful and enjoyable experience for every household.

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Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
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