Novabot, Lawn Care Revolution Pioneer

What make us unique

No perimeter cable needed, mow the border, trim multiple zones all by myself, mow in straight lines, safely mow around anyone with computer vision tech, recognize fence, mow up to 3acre(20000sq), up to a 45-degree slope,mow even the wildest grass at the perfect length and keep the lawn healthy, find my way home to my charge. Night-vision enables NOVA to secure your house day and night.

Fully automatic

AI-based mowing robot. No needs for boundary cable, safe and efficient path planning

Advanced Technologies

Semantic object detecion and segmentation based on panorama camera vision, vSLAM, complete coverage path planning, local obstacle avoidance path planning


360 degrees panorama visual semantic recognition to completely ensure safety of humans on lawn, millimeter radar

Wide applications

Private lawns & gardens, luxurious community lawns, public municipal lawns, gold courts

What are we great at

Novabot, energetic and never stopping!

Autonomous driving technology. Swimming pools, weeds, slopes, multiple areas, unfenced edges, trampolines, fruit trees, bushes… Novabot is a 100% wireless working robot, and our supercomputer vision makes Novabot himself the perfect tool for trimming boundaries and multiple regions.

keep your family safe

The safety of my family is my top priority. Novabot is more than just a lawn robot. At night, Novabot goes into safe mode and protects your property. When he detects an intruder, he sends you an alert.

About us:

LFI is a robotic startup aiming to disrupt the $200B lawn mowing market. Our team features technologies from US’ top 3 robotics lab at UPenn , advanced self-driving technologies which only cost ~$100, a product manager with 15+ years’ experience and experienced software & operation specialists. Our robot can fully self-drive and self-operate the mowing process, making it much more convenient for households to have lawns be frequently taken care of. Our mission is to make mowing a peaceful and enjoyable experience for every household.
Product Progress
Development progress 66%