The first day after installation, Novabot will find out what your garden looks like and draw a map. Thanks to this map, he can navigate intelligently and efficiently without anyone or anyone’s help.
No matter how complex your garden is, Novabot will find its way and trim every blade of grass she comes across. You don’t need peripheral cables or inaccurate GPS. He sees in the same way as people, or even understands in a better way……

Its home field

Novabot can even trim an entire football field if there are no obstacles nearby. In a very complex landscape, he had to walk more and expend more energy. Because each garden is unique, we offer you a cut area of up to 20,000 square feet on a single charge.

Trim multiple areas and other areas

Smart to perform

He’s all done by artificial intelligence. Novabot continuously recognizes and ADAPTS new objects. As your garden changes, Novabot will adapt to these recent changes.Of course, we trained him to be gentle and careful. He’s like a gentle cat!

A beautiful but more complex garden?

Perhaps your garden is divided into different areas with a stone road, driveway, terrace, or long walkway in the middle. Novabot handles all of these situations with ease.
There is no additional installation or cost. Just give Novabot the first visit, and from then on, he will always travel safely from one area to another.

All rounders

Not all gardens are entirely smooth and perfect. Sometimes it rains for several days in a row, and you face the wet ground. Novabot also addresses these garden and completion challenges.
With its two all-terrain tires, he can cross wet grasslands, rough terrain, puddles, and tall grass.

Obstacles are no longer obstacles

Artificial intelligence. Your garden is alive, and that’s how it should be. He doesn’t affect children playing in the garden, leaves coming and going, pets running around, fruits and nuts falling from trees… Novabot moves in ways you can’t imagine, surprising you with every turn and avoiding every obstacle. Novabot will not be affected by the unexpected when working; he will be able to do all kinds of work without interruption.

No obstacles will get in the way

Novabot detects obstacles in real time via visual SLAM and is equipped with forward millimeter wave radar to detect dynamic obstacles.
Toys, garden equipment, and even shoes can get stuck in your yard. It happened. That’s why Novabot doesn’t cut it into pieces. He would recognize these strange objects and move around them.
If Novabot still sees one of these objects after a few days, it will take a picture of it and send it to your phone to notify you. From now on, the choice is yours whether it needs to be cleared.

The perfect helper

Your lawn will be mowed to the required height to keep it healthy. And make it look like a painting. You can easily select the desired cut height in the application.

Lawn edge work

Robot view of intelligent work. A camera and intelligent software that’s all you need to mow the edges of your lawn. Novabot can identify your lawn edges and know if he can drive over the edges to trim them.

In-wheel motor

– Motor control uses FOC to accurately control the size and direction of the magnetic field, so that the motor torque is stable, low noise, high efficiency, and has a high-speed dynamic response.

Brushless motor.

– Reduce the noise from 95dB of ordinary lawn mower to 60dB and below.

Survival of the Strong – detailed profile (bottom photo of machine, including the blade part of the side)

ABS plastic

– He has good impact resistance and is very non-combustible, making it an extremely safe material

Six blades

– The lawn mower’s six sharp blades quietly provide a cutting quality that is simply unmatched by a traditional lawn mower, and the tiny pieces of grass that are cut provide a constant source of fertilizer that keeps the lawn green, healthy and lush.

Brushless mowing motor

– Even the wildest grass can be utterly silent from 20mm to 70mm (different heights are available).

4 k camera

– Get night vision.

Off-road tires for all terrains

– Best garden grip ever.

Wireless power supply


– Charge Novabot without a connection

Personal robots

Novabot’s Installation as easy as one two three, one download app, two plug inthree confirm the scope of lawn on the app then start.
Your first time using a personal robot is like your first time using a personal computer! This is fun, inspiring, and exciting for everyone! Just like with your first PC, you must now play, learn, explore, and become familiar with personal robots.
Today, our robot includes a mowing tool and a monitoring tool. We hope there will be more tools soon!