Security ensurance

Novabot makes friends with animals

When your dog is sleeping in the garden, the last thing it needs to notice is a robot. Novabot recognizes this behavior and drives around your dog.
But there might be hedgehogs walking through your garden, or chickens might be pecking at it. Novabot won’t bother them. He will understand that he will live with them and will march gracefully around them.

At night (surveillance camera foorage)

You can sleep in peace without worrying about your belongings. Novabot will keep watch at his stops to make sure no one enters unattended.
With its infrared night vision cameras, intruders can be spotted and captured from up to 30 meters away. Then send those photos to your phone, so you know immediately what’s going on.
He has two smart anti-theft features, one that requires you to enter your personal PIN on the APP to use the mower, and one that uses GPS to provide an alarm when the machine is out of a preset location range. Therefore, he will always be safe in your home.


Novabot MOWS your lawn. However, this does not mean that you will be banned from your garden while he is at work. On a sunny day, children want to play outside while the dog may be watching them in the cool grass, waiting for a chance to catch a frisbee. You can even have a family picnic or barbecue.
Novabot will notice you are there and will drive around you. That way, you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about him running into you. Novabot will get close, but not eat your picnic blanket or the kids’ frisbee.

High security with Novabot

Novabot is not going away from your garden. When someone tries to pick him up, a loud alarm will sound, and the thief will be stunned. With the “Find my Novabot” option, we can help you find your Novabot.
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