About Us

LF Intelligence is a dynamic robotics team with over 6 years of advanced autonomous driving and and systems experience. With its core members academically trained at the University of Pennsylvania, Novabot™ was conceived out of UPenn's GRASP Lab for multidisciplinary research in robotics and automation. The extended team includes members with a background in entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and venture capital.

The inspiration for Novabot™ came from our realization that the market for lawn mowers was lacking an efficient autonomous option. Each year new autonomous consumer smart home systems are patented aimed at making your life easier. Giving you time to spend with your family, go see friends, or even prioritizing work, Novabot™ was envisioned to allow you to kick back and enjoy life once again.

LFIntellignce is committed to continuous innovation and pursuit of perfection.
More about Us: https://www.grasp.upenn.edu/startups/lyf-innovation-ltd/

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